Thursday, 30 August 2012

Getting creative and inky fingers

Peole often ask me about where I craft..... I am lucky enough to have a room these days that I call the study, but Kris always says to me 'Mum, be honest.... when was the last time you studied.......? It's a craft room'.... lol
Ok, it is.... but it was always called the study when David used it so the name just kind of stuck.
I love my little room - watch this space for a you tube video showing you the room.....
I look out onto the Pentland Hills -what a stunning view! In all types of weather I could just watch out the window for hours...... soooo easy to get distracted!
I love creating and you will often find me up in my room night and day.
Here are my desks at 6am this morning (again I am lucky, I have 2 desks) - they are there .... honest

This is desk one..... it has the stock I am working with for the up-coming demos this weekend..... sample making like there is no tomorrow on the cards today!
 This is desk two... it's the one I work on and has the view of the hills..... it's always busy but at the moment it's a bit manic.... you can see some of the things I am working on at the mo...
 Anyone who knows me, knows that I just love to stamp and colour in.... I also have a new love for digi stamps! Perfect for those of you who don't feel confident stamping or don't have the storage for stamps.
I love the way you can resize the stamps time and time again......
Anyway, here are some of the stamps I am working with at the moment...... they are all available from your local Do Craft stockist...... the loop changes and goes live this Saturday!!!! (But if you are lucky, your local shop may already have their stock out!)

I'll be back soon to show you some of my samples.....
Back to work for me now though...
Happy craftin

Write a blog post showing me what your desk looks like - leave a comment here and I will pop on over for a peek!


  1. Happy crafting Sweetie.... I'll let you see my (Desk) space later, when i'm not so busy x

  2. Im gonna come and help clear up your crafting room....Im gonna bring my huge handbag that carries the kitchen sink but Im gonna leave that at home....then when Im leaving I will convince you that the kitchen sink was in the bag when I arrived and that is why its soooooooo heavy. lol x

  3. Looks like any crafters desk. xxx

  4. Can't wait to see the samples xxx

  5. I'd love to have even one desk I could clutter with so much lovely crafty stuff. I can't wait to see what you create with those gorgeous new stamps x

  6. Hehe certainly looks like you are busy
    Lindsay xx


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