Thursday, 8 December 2011

Snowman circles

This is a card I made at my demos over the last loop - very interactive and fun for the children to make or play with.
I was asked to put step by step pictures up here..... your wish is my command! lol
For this card you will need 3 different sized circles (I used the largest 3 nesting dies from Do Crafts), some paper, adhesive gems, brads and a couple of pens (orange and brown).

 Connect the circles one at a time with the brads - follow the photos.
Check to make sure that the snowman will fold down.
Using adhesive stones, add your eyes and smile.

Create a noise by creating an orange triangle on a scrap of card. Cut this out and then round off the edges.
To make your carrot look realistic, add some little flecks of brown pen, as shown above.
Add the nose with some 3d foam pads.
Create a hat with some scraps of paper and glue into position.
Write a message on the tummy of the snowman - this will be your largest circle.
This message will be hidden when the snowman is folded down.
And that's you finished!!!
I hope you enjoy making your own family of snowmen.....

Let me see then when you have made them.

Happy craftin'
Nikki x


  1. What a fab idea, Love your snowmen.
    Becky x

  2. brilliant, as you say great for children ( of all ages) ; )

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, I'll definitely have a go at making one of these. Love your snowman! :)
    (Naomi - DO Demo.)


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