Friday, 1 July 2011

Surprise mini easel

As promised (I know - sorry it's taken me a while to put it up!!!)..... here is the little surprise mini easel card that I came up with......
It's very easy to make - all from an a4 piece of card.

Sorry about the blueness of the pictures - not sure what happened there!!! I'll call it mood lighting..... lol
Take an a4 piece of card stock and score it at 9cm - turn the card round and score it again at 9cm.
Cut these 2 strips out.
On each strip score at 9cm and 18cm (this will give you 3 panels of 9cm x 9cm) On the centre panel of one of the strips score at the half way point (this will be at 13.5cm). Only do this on one of the strips.
Attach your ribbon the the centre panel of the strip that does not have the middle score. Make sure you add plenty of ribbon as this will be what keeps the card closed.
Attach your two strips like so.
You will be left with what looks like a T...
At this point cut the edges with your chosen decorative punch (if you want a fancy edge.)
I have chosen to layer my panels, if you want to do the same you will need 6 sets of 8.5cm x 8.5 cm base layer and 8cm x 8cm for the top layer. Remember that if you have used a decorative punch for the sides you will need to reduce the size of your layers for four of the panels so that you can still see the pattern of your edge.
You will also need a 2.5cm strip of paper layered onto a 3cm mat for the strip that will help the card to stand.
Fix these into postion with your chosen adhesive - I have used double sided tape.
Decorate your panels. This is my middle 'hidden' panel.
This is what my card looks like from the outside.
And this is the card standing.
If you want to make it a gatefold mini easel then just cut each of the sides on the top section of the T card shape in half - or fold back these sides before you decorate the panels.

Let me know if you make one as I would love to stop by your blog and have a look.

Happy crafting'
Nikki x

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  1. Wow, fabulous cards and Tutorial. Thank you so much for a great Hop.
    Suzi x


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