Monday, 29 November 2010

A folded star

This is an easy one to do and has been very popular at my demos.
I have taken step by step pictures rather than a video as this is what was requested!
I hope you can follow them ok......

1. Cut 8 squares from the patterned paper of your choice. I have inked the edges of my squares (the ones I am using are 5cm x 5cm).
2. Fold each square in half, on the diagonal, so that you have a triangle.
3. Fold each triangle in half, then open back to the original triangle. This will give you a crease line down the middle.
 4. Holding onto the right hand side of the triangle, push the bottom crease up to the middle crease. When you look at your triangle you will now have a little square on top of the original triangle.
 5. Fold the top of the square over on itself.
 6. Now fold the same point back over on itself again.
 7. Do this on all 8 squares.
8. Now we start to glue it together........

 Here is another one I made with some of the new oriental papers from Do Crafts.
Let me know how you get on with them.

Happy paper folding!
Nikki x

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