Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chloe turned 18

First of all, sorry about the pic..... I left it far too late at night to edit.... just about asleep on my feet...
But I wanted to share todays card before I climb the stairs to slumberland....

This was a commisson card for Chloe..... guess how old she turned! lol

 Here are a few close ups (again, sorry about the light.......)

I love this ribbon - it's from Lidl and comes in lots of different colours.... It's worth keeping an eye out for and grabbing it when you can.
The beads and different strands are all on the one spool.
Fab value for money!

Back tomorrow with a sneaky peek.......
And another project....

For now.... off to bed...
Nighty night...

Nikki x


  1. Love it Nikki! What a pretty little dress!
    I have loads of the ribbon from Lidl!
    I love that you can use it all together or split it up into sections!
    Dawn xx


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