Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snow days mean....

getting crafty and creative inside in the warm!
Today I wanted to create a little tutorial to show you how to make paper roses....
Now I have made them using the big bloomer flowers from Do Crafts, but you could use any size of flowers and any type of flowers.
I can now imagine 10000s of little roses been made across the country! lol Get those punches and big bloomers out and let me see what you create!

 These are the 3 flowers that I am using to create my rose.
 For the rose middle, take one flower (white side up) and fold up the petals as shown in the photo.
 Fix this into pace on the next flower (this time pattern side up).
 Start to fold the petals up.
 Glue this into position on the final flower.
 Again mould the petals to create the shape of rose that you want.
Hey presto!
You can use this technique to make any size of flower - look out all those little flower punches that you have and get creative!

Happy crafting
Nikki x


  1. Brilliant Nikki! Love them :)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Nikki, I'm off to have a play hee hee hee xx

  3. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing.

  4. fantastic, I have loads of these flowers, will be making some of these, thanks for taking time to show us xx

  5. Thats lovely and thank you for sharing xx
    Congratulations as well for making it on to the Docrafts DT xx

  6. Great tutorial, have got loads of the large bloomers, so will defiitely have to have a go, thanks again x

  7. Great tute Nikki. Lovely rose.

  8. Great tutorial. I love making paper flowers of different types myself. Made in papers to match a project they can be the perfect embelishment for a card.

  9. Great little tutorial, your flower looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing...

  10. Love the flowers, excellent tutorial xx

  11. Lovely idea and explained so well :)

  12. That's very pretty and thanks for the tip, I have loads of paper flowers knocking around,
    Ruth x

  13. Great tutorial, Nikki. Thank you for sharing. xx


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