Wednesday, 11 April 2012

National Pet Day

Today is day 11 on the Ultimate blog challenge, and one of the prompts today told me that is was national pet day..........
So before I show you my card for today I thought I would show you my very special pupsters - Daisy and Dylan. Now they are both rescue doggies with just sooooo much love to give.
 Meet Daisy and Dylan (Daisy is the one at the back with her eyes shut)....
 Dylan is an old man now, he had such a bad start in life but is very very loved now.
And this is Daisy - she is mad.... bonkers..... crazy!!! She fits in just fine with us and we adore her.

These two little furry friends have got me through many a dark night - oh the stories they could tell! No matter what, they just love you for who you are.......
As today is national pet day, i thought it only right that the card I made to show you was a Boofle one.... the loveable pup that Do Crafts have brought to us.
I think this simple little card is very effective and it was very popular at my demo last weekend.
Do you have a pet? I'd love to see a pic if you do.
Happy craftin'
Nikki x


  1. Hi Nikki aarrrrr your pups are adorable (that seems quite rude but you know what I mean lol) they are just so sweet and your card is just as cute there isn't any love like the love a pet gives so unconditional and always wanting to please I cannot understand how people can harm or abandon animals at all
    Jacki xx

  2. Love the pupsters & the card Nikki! Hope it's not still too snowy where you are!
    dawn xx

  3. A really gorgeous card hun, I love the die cut frame. The pictures of your pupsters are so cute, I love springers, they have such a wonderful nature (we had two when I was a kid) and these photo's are just adorable
    Lindsay xx


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