Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Did you see some of these then?

Here are some more from the show, but I thought I would share them tonight - more tomorrow....
I'm loving the look of Boofle on the dvd...... ooh think I might need to buy this......

I will upload them onto my Do Crafts gallery as well over the next few days but I wanted to show them to you here first.
Back tomorrow....
Hope you enjoy the shows
Nikki x


  1. I'm in awe, these are really beautiful and I think I might be pinching a few of your ideas, if you give me permission of course. Honestly, Nikki I really love these and I'm sorry I didn't order but I can't afford it at the moment.

  2. Now, I've taped the show so now I can go ohhh, there's one....there's one.....there's another!!!!
    These are all fab Nikki, love them.

    Bit shocked you have to buy ytour own though?!! :(

  3. Lovely samples... and yes.... I did see a few of them :) xx


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