Saturday, 19 January 2013

A card for Mum.....

Wow - the time has just whizzed by since I was on here...
I have been rushed of my feet this week, very busy at work so - sorry that I've not been around here much.
You just turn around and a whole week has gone!

My demo for today got cancelled because of the snow and transport issues, so you would think today would be a day of nothingness! Nope...... today was the day I made a few cards, cause I had to get them done..... and I started the dreaded tax form...... Now it's a thing I could do in April, but I always leave it right to the last minute to do..... Not good - I do mean to do it quicker.... but I don't like it, struggle to understand it and just don't want to.... So every year it ends up with me calling my Mum..... and having to get her to sort me out....

Where oh where would we be with out our Mums.......
So with that in mind, here is a card for all the wonderful Mums out there - the unsung hero who is always there, always helping, always caring.... no matter how old we get.....

Clean and simple.....

Thanks Mum for everything you do - but most of all Mum thanks for just being you! Love ya xxx

You will see a new tab at the top of my blog..... It's 40 days until my 40th birthday and some of my crazy friends have decided to give me 40 challenges to get me to my birthday.... They say this will help to prepare me for my 40s.......If you want to follow my journey to my 40s I will update it as my challenges are completed....

For the moment..... bed time is a calling me...
Nighty night
Nikki x


  1. Oh this is fabulous, love, love it!!
    hugs and xxx

  2. A wonderful card Nikki and a clever design. Good luck with your challenges x

  3. Fabulous card Nikki, could not agree more about our lovely mums, hope our children feel the same about us, LOL, good luck with the 40 challenges, Nikki, xxxx

  4. Great card & a clever idea with the lettering. Love it! Helen x

  5. This is fab Nikki! Great design and beautifully done.

  6. Great card Nikki, love the design xxx

  7. gorgeous card, love the design of it x

  8. Such a pretty card. I love the soft muted heart background! xx

  9. Beautiful what a super design ...Good luck with you 40 challeges xx

  10. Fabulous card and a great design.

    Joan x

  11. What a fabulous idea - beautiful - might have a go at something similar. Sadly my mum is no longer with us. Cherish yours while you can!!

  12. A gorgeous card with a simple but elegant design x


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