Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Do Crafts Demo...

I am so lucky to get to craft as a job.... it's a job I love and I get to meet some really inspiring people and I have made some wonderful friends.
Friends who have helped me get through some incredibly tough times in my life - crafting really has allowed some very special people to come into my life. For this I will always be grateful.
I have even started a crafting cafe group on facebook, where a lot of these people come and support each other - it's a wondeful place where even more friendships have been made.... If you would like to join us there then contact me on facebook.
Back to the demo my title talks about....
Now I am lucky enough to live in bonnie Scotland but that does mean the area I cover is rather large and can mean a very early start.... (I am partially sighted and disabled, so public transport - unless my wonderful son takes me, is how I get there.......).
These pictures were taken at a visit to Cardwell Garden Centre....... in Gourock - if you are ever in the area make sure you pop in.... wonderful shop - mad staff...... you know this to be true Faye!!!....

 I always have soooo much fun here - but beware .... my demos are very interactive! You will be given things to do and if you tell me you can't stamp, I will step to the side and get you to have a go......
Well as I always say, I can help you fix it if I know what you are doing wrong.
All of these ladies were a pleasure to teach.
So much laughter was had that even when I think about it my sides start to hurt!
And they always look after me too - Honeymoon slices (oh my.... to die for!) and chocolate cake...... well I need to keep my energy up to keep up with them all! lol

I love these photos, they make me smile.... happy memories!
Nikki x


  1. Your demo looks like great fun Nikki, sooooo much stuff on the table. It looks like a very well stocked shop too, shame I live so far away. Thanks for sharing these photos, they made me smile too x

  2. Looks like a fun day Nikki! Not been to any of your demo's for a while but I do enjoy them & I always learn something!
    Dawn xx

  3. It looks like the sort of demo I'd love to join, but sadly I live far far too many miles away! Thanks for sharing your photos of what looks like a fab day.

    Andrea x

  4. Nikki your demos are wonderful and I can personally vouch for the interactive part. I have thoroughly enjoyed every demo of yours that I've attended, spent money and most importantly of all learned A LOT!

  5. What fab photos, think everyone has fun at your demo's Nikki :)
    Like the sound of the Honeymoon Slice, whats that then???
    Hugs Alison x x

  6. Looks like a great group, great activity and great fun.

  7. Looks like everyone had a brilliant time.

    trisha x


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