Monday, 14 May 2012

The big reveal

So...... here is the project I have been working on this weekend that I have been dying to show you all!

I had so much fun working on it, and there are still a lot of bits that I want to add to it...... It was definitely a work of love. I can see me making lots of them! (I thought they would make a great gift for people - you could theme the house to whoever you were giving it to).
I made this one from a wooden box but I will be working on a paper version too - watch this space....
So for this one,
 This is the wooden template that I bought.
 I covered the whole thing with purple artiste acrylic paint (from Do Crafts). It took a couple of coats to make sure it was covered.
When that was dry, I covered the whole thing with artiste crackle glaze - left this overnight to dry and then added white artiste acrylic paint.
The crackle effect works best if you have a thick top coat of the white paint on it.
As the paint drys it splits and cracks, revealing the purple underneath.
At this point you decorate it however you want.
Each little section has a different story behind it.

Here is the house again as it is at the moment....

 I'll post another picture later when I have finished some more of it.
Hope you like it
Nikki x


  1. wow nikki this is fab, I love it.
    Becky x

  2. that is so adorable no wonder your proud if it i know just the place in my house for that
    hugs linda xxxx

  3. It's looking great with you Nikki.

  4. Oooooooh - I want one!! Its fab!


  5. And this only took you a weekend ......Wow well done you. I think it's great.

  6. This so lovely Nikki , fancy you doing all that with feeling poorly too !! I have used that frame too . So versatile I will take a photo of it so you can see how different it can look. Love the little pencils too !

  7. What a FANTASTIC porject.It's lovely. Can't wait to have a go myself at a house filled with my "special" things.
    Great idea.

  8. Abolutely lovely Nikki xx

  9. Aww, thats much to look at, I love it! xx

  10. It's wonderful. I love these little display boxes. I started on one but it's been put to the side for now as I'm so busy, can't wait to get back to it x

  11. So pretty Nikki, love it :-)

  12. Wow! Nikki this is so amazing! What a cute little house! I love really everythin on it. The colours and all that little details! Wonderfull! xx Bianca


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