Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm a Springy Mummy.....

I have 2 mad springer spaniels.... Daisy and Dylan..... they are both little rescue pupsters (rescue doggies have so much love to give).
They give wonderful cuddles and oh the secrets they could tell.
I thought that as it's Sunday, I would use today to show you some pics of them.....
Daisy is the one at the top of the picture, Dylan is the soppy lump at the bottom of the picture.
One of Dylan's favourite things is to have a ball. He will bring it to you - he won't give it to you but he does love teasing you with it. He loves to play with the ball outside - he would have you throwing it for him all day!

And this is Daisy. She is the little princess of the family.
She sits and watches the world go by at the living room window, although if I am crafting then she is upstairs with me - one of her favourite places is on a doggie cushion under my desk. Bless!
She adores Kris and will following him all around the house.
I'd love to see pics of you furbabies.... make sure you leave me a comment so that I can come on over to your blog to have a look at any pics you might have.

Have a fabby Sunday x

Nikki x


  1. Hi Nikki, new follower here, come over from the Crafty Bloggers FB group, cute pups!

  2. Hi Sweetie, Just to let you know that I have some blog candy up for grabs on my blog Click Here to enter

  3. adorable doggies! That last pic is the cutest, just gorgeous!

    Sarah x


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