Tuesday, 13 January 2015

For a special 'Wee Angel'

Today is a day of reflection for me, I have 2 funerals to attend.
The first one this morning is for an angel baby who was just not meant to walk on this Earth - he has gone to play with his big brother and watch over his family.
The second is the other end of life, a grandmother who was a light for every life she touched. You didn't even have to meet her to know how special and loved this lady was and still is.
Alzheimers may have been there and challenged those who cared for her in the end, but it never took away her light. There was so much laughter, right to the end.
And it is from the sadness of her passing that the project I want to share with you comes from.
So from the pain of the moment, a little bit of light would come back and eventually, I hope that this will bring the smile of a memory.
I have made fairy doors before and anyone who knows me, knows just how much I love all things Borrowerish..... I love the thought of the tiny little people living among us, unseen and unheard...
Well, this is my angel door...... an angel door is for the angels who have left us to know they are always welcome in our house - a doorway between them and us.
Every time you look at it, your angel will know you are thinking of them, that they are loved and missed very much.
I loved making this and will be making more. Each one will be different and unique, and have a name that is personal to the story behind it and the person who is now the angel.
It's a real work of love as carpal tunnel does not like clay! lol.....
Here are the pics,

 This is the little charm that I made to go with the door.

I'd love to know what you think of it.
Happy Crafting
Nikki x


  1. Oh dear what a sad day for you Nikki, will be thinking of you. A fabulous project too x

  2. Hi Nikki
    I love your angel door and the story behind your reason for making it. It is beautiful, as well as the little charm and box you've made.
    Hugs x

  3. so very sad for you :(, but such a lovely project too

  4. Beautiful Nikki, so glad you can be with ys all today x

  5. They are lovely and a sweet idea. How sad for the family that have lost a son and now a baby. And although at the end of life for the lady still sad for the family. Hard day for you, take a box of tissues xxxxxx

  6. Dear Nikki this must be such a sad day for you. I feel for those who have lost loved ones. The angel door and the box you have created for it are gorgeous. Take care of yourself. Hugs Jackie

  7. A sad day for you Nikki. I love your fairy door and the loving thought behind it.

  8. So sorry for your loss. You must be having a tough time right now. These are beautiful projects and such a sweet way of remebering loved ones.


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