Monday, 5 May 2014

Reach for the stars.......

Well another Monday here so that means it's time for my #docraftsmonday post and also a very proud mum post.....
Kris, who a lot of you will know, is my son. He is a super son and I am soooo proud of him I could burst. I normally keep my blog for all my crafty things but today I wanted to dedicate my post to Kris.
He has not always had it easy, he has me for a mum for a start! lol..... but really, that has not always been easy for him as I have had illness darken my door a lot over the past few years and since he was 4 he has had to help me with a lot of things..... So thank you Kris for always being there and for being like a shining light for me when things were dark.
His Dad died 5 years ago and then Kris developed alopecia. Again, he faced the world bravely and made sure I was always doing ok.
So this week it's all about him, today is his first official day at his new job. A job that I think he will be amazing at and a job where he can really make a difference....
Kris left school and went straight into mechanics..... now, to say his place of employment was awful is an understatement, but he stuck it out for 7 years and in fairness he made some good friends and worked with some good people along the way. But now it's time for a new adventure......
So good luck Kris.... I think you will be a fantastic carer.
He really is one of the very best....

Here is the card I made for Kris......

Have a great bank holiday Monday and remember to share your #docraftsmonday posts on fb or twitter with us.
Happy crafting
Nikki x


  1. Wonderful card, fabulous sentiment. Best wishes to Kris in his new venture.

    Sylv xx

  2. fab card and wishing Kris all the best xx

  3. Your card looks fab Nikki and I hope your sons new job is a great stepping stone. Good luck to him!

    Emma x

  4. How lovely is this card! He sounds like a lovely man, good luck with the job, Chris!

  5. Fantastic card, just what I'd expect from Nikki. Good Luck Kris, I'm sure you'll make a wonderful carer.

  6. Fantastic card, wonderful sentiment. Good Luck Kris, I'm sure that you'll be an amazing carer.

  7. Fabulous card, lovely design and super bright colours - Good luck Kris - wishing you every success in your new career.

  8. Oh Nikki, such a lovely post! Wish Chris all the very best in his new job, sounds like they are very lucky to have him. Fabulous card too... xx

  9. All the very best for Kris and his new career.

  10. good luck Kris and this is a wonderful card for him x

  11. Beautiful post and card, love the colours and all the layers.
    Wishing Kris all the best in his new venture, good luck! x

  12. Fab card love the bright cols xxx

  13. Beautiful card. Lovely stars.

  14. Great card & a great post! He's a very special young man & you're quite right to be proud of him!
    I'm sure he'll be fantastic in his new job!
    Hugs to you both!
    Dawn xx

  15. A super card Nikki. Love the sentiment and all the different stars. Best wishes to Kris in his new job too.

  16. A fabulous bright and cheerful card! Good luck to Kris :). Xx

  17. fab and great card Nikki.

    gr karin

  18. super card and I am sure Kris loved it too ... best wishes to Kris and his fantastic new career ... happy crafting and love sandy xx "ps a late blogger "

  19. Fabulous cards, love all the colours. Congratulations to Kris and I hope he had a good first day x

  20. Love your cards Nikki and well done Kris, I wish him all the best in his new job, sounds like he deserves good things to come his way x

  21. A wonderful card for a wonderful son Nikki. I hope Kris heeds the sentiment. I worked as a carer for many years and I'm sure Kris will find his new job rewarding. I wish him the very best for his future career x


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