Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Blog your heart out - my turn!

I have been tagged by the uber talented Jill Pryor to take part in Blog Your Heart Out.
I am to answer the 5 set questions about myself and my blogging, then I nominate and tag in some other great bloggers and they give their answers...... It's a brilliant way to get to know a little bit about the people behind the blogs........   

Here goes...

Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?
Originally with my first blog I used it like an online diary..... family days out, things I had been up to, my travels demoing for Do Crafts and then some sample making. People out and about would ask me if there was somewhere they could see some of my cards or learn how to make them as after demos they would forget - so it was a great place to have to send people for reminders.

How did you choose what to blog about?
I love all things crafty and I love to share what I have been up to or project ideas with everyone so on my new blog (this one) it has always been easy to find crafty things that I was to share.

What is something most people don`t know about you?
A lot of people don't know I am ambidextrous. This comes in sooooo handy with crafting as I am often juggling lots of things on my desk at the same time.

What three words describe your style?
Eclectic, organised and positive.
No matter what the challenges are, I try to always stay positive.

What do you love to do when you are not blogging?
I love spending time with my wonderful son, he is such a wonderful, caring young man. We have 2 rescue springy spaniel pupsters and they are fabby to be around. Walks around the beautiful part of Scotland that we live in or trips to the beach to collect driftwood or shells.
I love to craft..... any type..... most of all I love to do papercrafts......

Right then that's my 5 questions answered, now I tag;
All of my Crafting Cafe Design Team.......

Before I go, here are a couple of my latest commissions........ just wanted to share them too x

Even if I haven't tagged you in this post, you can still join in....
Just copy the 5 questions and answer them on your blog.
Let me know if you do and I will pop over and leave you a comment.

Happy crafting
Nikki x


  1. Two fabulous fun cards xx

  2. Hi Nikki, thanks for joining in! Great cards, the 50 one is brill! Jill x

  3. Nice to know a little about you, Nikki :) Two beautiful cards too :)

  4. Hi Nikki looking forward to getting to know u some more fabulous cards hun hugs Judith x

  5. Really interesting, very jealous you live in Scotland, it's my favourite place, we go there every year on holiday. :-) Awesome cards.

  6. Love learning more about you. That owl card is fab. Where you live sounds beautiful. I started my blog as on online diary too!!


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