Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ultimate Kit - Box Tutorial

Hi everyone, another very very cold day here in sunny Scotland....... brrrrrr.
I am often asked for a tutorial or two.... and this one has been asked for a lot!
The ultimate kits from Do Crafts are great value for money as they contain papers, decoupage, greetings and boxes to name but a few.
The boxes are easy to make up when you know how - so here is the tutorial to show you how!

I am making up both styles of boxes so there are a few photos to share with you ......

Here are the die cut box/bags.....

 Taking the blue one first - crease and fold over on all the crease lines.
 The yellow tape is where you add your adhesive...
 Take off the backing and fix to the other side.
 Now for the bottom section. Follow the photo to see how to close the bottom section over.
 You don't need any adhesive on this section for it to stay closed.
 To finish, lets do the top.
 It's a very simple crease and close.... Well done - you have finished the box...
 Now onto the bag, as before crease on all the lines. Use this picture to see where to add your adhesive.
 You will need adhesive here too ....
 Add your ribbon handles..... I added a little bit more tape here to make taking the photo easier - you don't need it...
 Take off the backing and close over as shown in the picture.
 As with the box..... close over the little bag (the adhesive for this join is the strip you put on the other side).
 Close over the base sections - this one is slightly different as you glue this one together - I just use double sided tape.
 People often ask me why there is a crease about a third of the way up on one of the sides.... Here is why....
 It means, just like the little gift bags you buy in the shops.... you can make them all up and then store them flat, ready to use whenever you want.....
I hope that all makes sense to you and that you find this little tutorial helpful.
Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see as a tutorial and I will add it to my list...

Happy crafting
Nikki x


  1. Brilliant, thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Brilliant tutorial and thank you for sharing. Loving the new look to your blog :)

    Linda xxx

  3. At last and Thank you.....I know its not rocket science but it really does help if your have a reference for how to make them up. :)

  4. Fabulous tutorial - thanks for sharing

  5. Oh brill tut thanks for sharing x

  6. Thanks for the tutorial, great box xxx

  7. Lovely clear tutorial, thank Nikki. Your blog header is fab! Jill x

  8. Thank you so much for the tutorial, and for giving up your time to share it x

  9. great tutorial Dawn for a fab box & bag xxxxx


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