Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Soooo naughty blogger

and I don't mean me...
For some reason blogger has decided that it no longer wants to work properly with windows 8.......it will let me type until the cows come home but the lovely little thing that it is won't let me put any photos up...... so old faithful laptop it is then!!!!
Ha ha blogger - I will not be beaten!!!!!!

Here are a couple of cards that I found on the old laptop while I was sorting out the launch post for the new challenge over in the Crafting Cafe for next month....

I do love Wellington - he is just an adorable little bear...

I'll be back tomorrow to share my launch card for the challenge with you all - until then.... loads of samples to make and then there's work to go to as well!

Happy crafting...
Nikki x


  1. These are fab hun, love the images they soo cute and humerous, love the top one sitting in the bucket they made me smile.

    indie :) x


  2. Just adorable! I hope you got your post sorted out without too much trouble! I use Google Chrome as my browser as blogger likes it better.
    Dawn xx

  3. Lovely selection of cards

  4. All three characters you've used are super cute, and you've made great cards using them.

  5. Three wonderful cards Nikki x

  6. Fabulous selection of cards.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  7. lol Nikki Blogger can be so frustrating at times. Glad you got it sorted though even if you have to use your laptop. Great cards and images xx

  8. darn cute cards. Very huggable bears.

  9. gorgeous cards Nikki, Love Wellington ! Hugs Tina xx


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