Monday, 17 September 2012

The little frames in the ultimate pack

I've often been asked about these little frames - you will find them in the Do Crafts - Ultimate packs.
 This is what the complete sheet looks like when you take it out of the ultimate pack.
 When you separate the frames and pictures - this is what you get..... and don't worry, they are all die cut!
 I covered a DL scalloped card with a selection of papers, then...
I mixed them up - gluing as I went.... so now the pictures are in different frames (they all match in the shape design so are easy to swap around).
I have stuck them down flat - think of the postage you will be able to save!
But, if you wanted to add some depth - sick the frames on with 3d foam pads.

They are really easy to do and they give you some lovely toppers for your projects when you are finished.
Let me see what you create with them x
Nikki x


  1. Fantastic Nikki!
    Dawn xx

  2. Ok....thats the logic part but what about the ones that have 2 do you use both? Just ideas for me as I dont want to waste them. Love the cards though....not overly keen on the shiny papers because the ink smudges etc and the feel for other stuff isnt right. lol

    1. There's a couple of things I do with them...
      1. Swap them around as with the little ones (harder to do with this pack as a couple of the designs are the same - normally they are all different).
      2. Stick the middle (pic) down first.... raise the second frame with one lot of 3d foam pads then the third frame with 2 lots of 3d foam pads - this will make it higher than the second layer.
      3. Stick the outer frame down flat, one set of foam pads on the next layer and then 2 lots on the picture.
      (By 2 lots of 3d foam pads, I mean put on your first lot - peel off the backing and then stick the next layer on top of the first)....

    2. Shiny paper can be harder to work with - I ink the edges etc and then set it with embossing powder. This stops the ink smudging.

  3. Great tips Nikki and a lovely card x

  4. Fantastic Nickie fab layout xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Honestly, what would I do without you Nikki? lol...Thanks....might manage to use all the 'bits' this time round. I did complain on the do-crafts fb site about there being no instructions for the boxes.....thank god others agreed with me. Building the boxes looked easy too. lol


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