Saturday, 22 September 2012

Promarker shading

I was asked to create a birthday card for Samantha - now I don't know Samantha but I was told that she liked horses and shoes....
Hmmmm, another interesting challenge then!
So I thought I would do a bit of a colouring tutorial at the same time..... The photos should help to show you each stage as I do it.
Meet Candifloss!
First thing you need is your image to colour...... I drew this one but you could use a stamp or digi stamp if you aren't keen on drawing....... I will be doing some digis soon - I plan to give them free on this blog, so keep an eye out!
 Right here we go.......... Image ready and a selection of your colouring medium.... for this tutorial I am using promarkers.
 I am using almond, pale pink, orchid and bluebell.
 Starting with my palest colour, fill in the whole area that you wish to colour. Add shading by changing the colour of your pen to either a shade darker or a slightly different colour. Add the shading onto the opposite side of where your light source would be (I often work that my light source would be on the right hand side, so my shading is to the left).
 Remember to do the same for other parts of the image too!
 For the main body I am using Ivory and Almond. This keeps the colour light and clean but still allows shading.
 Here you can see how the slighty warmer shade helps to give depth to your image.
 Pastel beige is used to create shadow and some final depth.
 It also takes the white edge away from around the whole image.
 Time to cut it out and add glitter......
This is what she would look like if you stuck her feet into position.
 But this is what I did with her to get both things into my challenge!
I hope you like her and have found it useful to show how I coloured her.
Happy crafting.
Nikki x


  1. wow wow wow, thats wonderful xxx

  2. Hi Nikki......I love her..and also the choice of colours.....

    Chrissie x x

  3. Such a cute image and great coloring too xx

  4. WOW!!! This is FAB. I love your drawing, your colouring is brilliant and the card design is fantastic!

  5. Lovely card and a cracking tutorial.......Will share and pass this on Nikki if that's all right with you. xx

  6. She is really cute, and I love your finished card too. Hugs lin

  7. Colouring looks fab. Great job of drawing, can't wait to see your digis. x

  8. Fab tutorial Nikki and love the horse that you drew - you are very talented! x

  9. This is a fabulous card Nikki and I love Candifloss. You are a woman of many talents x


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