Sunday, 3 January 2016

My crafty cave

I love my crafty space. It's a place to create, a place to ignore whatever is going on in the outside world and it's a place where I get to spent creative time with Kris and friends.
For a long time I've been organising and sorting and I know I promised to share some photos when I was finished...... 
Well that will always be an ongoing thing so I thought I'd share some pics with you now.
This is my crafty studio....
 All sorted and organised.
 12x12 stack that's now as tall as me....

 I do like ribbon....
 Here's my desk...... Ready to get creating...

As you can see, I do love a storage box or 3. Thankfully I stay very close to an Ikea store.
Kris and I always joke that 17 years ago I had a shoe box of craft stuff..... Then I had a tower unit and corner in dining room. Then I took over the small room, the collection keeps growing too. So when Kris got a place of his own, I moved into his old room.
I'm uber lucky and I just love it.....

Where do you craft? I'd love to see pics...

Nikki x


  1. Hi Nikki you have a stunning craft space. I still craft on the dining room table. One day I will have a craft room. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hello Nikki, Your craft space looks fabulous.


  3. All Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion Nikki! Well done you!I love your crafty space!
    I'm in the spare bedroom & use the wardrobe, chest of drawers, floor, bed & everywhere else to store my crafty stuff! Don't have a desk so I sit on the floor! Means I have to get up & down a lot but hey ho!

  4. Oh my word. Can't believe all the stuff you've got. Mine is minuscule compared to yours. I too started in the living room on my lap. Have moved my desk a few times. We have now bought a four bed house even though there's only us two so I can have a dedicated craft room. I feel so lucky. X

  5. Great place to craft and fab storage xx

  6. Your room looks cool I really need to redo mine it's getting harder and harder to work in it and it just has a little L space of floor to walk in, I share the room with cars , books, DVDs I really need the room for craft only lol.


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