Tuesday, 22 July 2014

No#1 Teacher

Our schools up in Bonnie Scotland have been finished for quite a while.... but in the last week before term ended I made quite a few thank you cards for some wonderful teachers.....
Here is just one of the cards I made........

I appear to have lost both my desks under the mound of crafty things on them..... I am sorting out and changing the study this year.... now I just need to find some time to box everything up so that I can sort it all....... can you imaging how long it will take - I have to empty the entire room!!!!!
Think that will be my September plan...... lol
The sun here is making it far too hot to be able to do anything at the moment......

Whatever you are doing..... have fun!
Happy crafting
Nikki x


  1. A very clever teacher's card. If I had to move I dread to think how long it would take to pack everything up! We crafter's are all the same! lol

  2. Great little thank you teacher card - super design!

  3. Fab card so much attention to detail, we can see who is going to be teachers pet. Well done xx

  4. Fabulous card Nikki xx Jan

  5. Love this. What a fab card x

  6. Love these cards Nikki. Great inspiration for us all too. Thanks x

  7. Nicki, I love this! It's great that some parents appreciate their teachers enough to buy them gorgeous cards! x

  8. Great cards, I love those little sticky letters, so useful

  9. LOve your card, I was sure I had commented on this one already but it seems not!
    I love the font on the letters & the paper is awesonme too!
    Dawn xx


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