Monday, 27 January 2014

What are you up to?

I thought that for my post today I would show you my creative space and what is on my desk this morning......
I have a very busy week this week with one thing or another...... (both crafty and none crafty)....
This is my creative space....
I love my crafty room..... it's filled with all my fav stuff.... I can play away here for hours and hours....
Sometimes you will even find me in here just looking out the window and the incredible view that I have. 
I look onto the Pentland Hills - they are stunning at every time of the year.
I have an obsession with ribbon.... and these boxes (you just gotta love Ikea for storage!!!) are jammed full of ribbon..... As you can see I also love to visit the £1 shop for double sided tape....
And then there is my love of all things paper..... This stack that you can see here is a 12x12 stack that I bought many a year ago..... it's about 6 foot tall and as you can see is now full. I remember when I bought it thinking that I would never fill it..... oopsie.... this year the plan is to really get into it and start using it....
So what is on my desk right now..
Today I have to finish off these pyrography samples and do the write ups that go with them....... do some write ups for some cards that I made over the weekend and get them emailed across to Katy....... make some more samples..... organise a craft workshop....... get my blog post ready for the next challenge over on the Crafting Cafe blog ..... and I have another commission to do for a lady at work...
What are you up to today?

Have fun, whatever you are doing....
Happy crafting...
Nikki x


  1. Wow what an awesome room so many great nooks and cranny's.

  2. Busy busy busy. I am begining to think my craft room is tidy and rather sparse looking. Will have to do something about that.lolx

  3. Right, firstly l notice that lovely comfy chair you so need! And SO much stuff in that room! Jealous!
    Let me at it!

  4. Your craft room looks a little like mine - that's quite comforting.
    Your pyrography projects look interesting!

  5. Hi Nikki. My craft room is spotless! Why? I move house on Wednesday. I am already getting withdrawal symptoms lol. Didn't realise that you looked onto the Pentlands. I grew up in Edinburgh. It is a fantastic view. I am having a brand new craft room when I move...need to fill it up and try more techniques and revisit some old ones like pyroghraphy. xx

  6. oh wow... am going a strange shade of green after seeing your fab craft room x

  7. Wow what a room and filled with yummies. Love it tfsxxxxx


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