Friday, 12 October 2012

A sad farewell

I'm sorry that I haven't posted on here for a couple of weeks.... boy what a couple of weeks they have been...
My Mother In Law, Nan, has been battling cancer over the past few years, a battle we thought could be won. Well in the beginning we did.
Sadly a couple of weeks ago she became very ill and although I did my best for her and nursed and cared for her, it was her time to go.
Her funeral was today.
This is Nan.....
This picture was taken at my wedding to David..... her son....... at least they are now together again....
I wanted to share with you all the poem that I wrote for her. It was read at her funeral.

4 Candles
by Nikki Smith

There are 4 candles to be lit when we go home tonight,
4 candles that burn like a guiding light.

The 1st candle, it shines showing a mothers love,
Still present, still guiding, only now from above.
Ruth and I have so many memories of you here on this land,
while David now walks with you holding your hand.

The 2nd candle is for the gran, who in her own amazing way,
adored Kris and Callum, her 2 special grandsons, every single day.
They are both so lucky to have spent time with her here.
As these memories are precious, they keep their gran near.

The 3rd candle is for you Nan, a friend to everyone here.
Memories of special moments that we will always hold dear.
From childhood to 80 you crammed life with joy, laughter and fun.
The kindest of hearts shared with everyone.

The 4th candle we light, although a lot more we could burn.
Is for all the strength and courage you showed at every turn.
A strong matriarch figure on whom we could all depend,
with so much pride and dignity right to the end.

A light on the earth went out that day.
But now with Gordon, David and others, you will guide us all in a special way.
So for now, as tears silently fall, it's goodbye that we say.
But we know in our hearts, we'll be together one day.

I hope you like it. It came form the heart.....
I'll be back again soon with some crafty things to show you - xxx
And a massive thank you to those of you who have sent me emails or messages to let me know you are thinking of me and supporting me.
You are all totally amazing!
Thank you xxx
Nikki x


  1. Sorry for your loss Nikki,your poem is very

  2. God Bless you and your family Nikki. May you have comfort and peace in knowing that you all loved this wonderful woman and cared for her unselfishly is for you now to find the strength to carry the beacon and void that she has left. As I and many here know you can, with the help and understanding of your wonderful son Kris .....xxxxxx

  3. Hi nikki , my heads been up my own bum so only just seen this and wanted you know I'm sending my love and best wishes to you my darling xxxx hope you and kris are alright all the best Sharon xoxox

  4. How lovely Nikki, to write this poem when it was obviously painful for you. She must have been a well-loved and much respected lady xx

  5. A beautiful poem, thinking of you hun XXX

  6. Nikki I am so sorry for your loss! Your poem is just beautiful and a wonderful tribute. My thoughts and prayers will be with you during this difficult time! xx

  7. Your poem brought tears to my eyes.'s beautiful and clearly comes from the heart. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time x

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You made your Nan proud today, your poem is so beautiful and very much from the heart. Take care. Sending hugs your way.

  9. Your poem brought tears to my eyes.'s beautiful and clearly comes from the heart. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time x

  10. Your poem brought tears to my eyes.'s beautiful and clearly comes from the heart. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time x

  11. Your poem brought tears to my eyes.'s beautiful and clearly comes from the heart. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time x

  12. Ok....typing isnt the easiest of things when you are was beautiful....really was. Still sending big hugs. xo

  13. Its not easy typing while was beautiful....really beautiful. Still sending big hugs xo

  14. Hi Nikki...So sorry to hear of your loss...A beautiful poem...Love to you and your family...x x x

  15. Sorry to hear your news. It's a beautiful poem, and you can tell it's from the heart. Take care xx

  16. So sorry Nikki for your loss the peom is beautiful. Hugs Caroline xxx

  17. Your poem is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes....
    she sounds like an amazing lady.....
    Take care Sweetie x (hugs)

  18. AWE Nikki, a beautiful, beautiful poem, my hugs go to you and your sons, xxxx

  19. So sorry, I too have been involved in life's busy stuff also been on hols. (( hugs to you )) x

  20. Dear Nikki what a beautiful poem to a woman who was very much loved and will be sorely missed. Sending you lots of crafty hugs and kisses to you and your family.

    Much Love
    Linda xxx

  21. Sorry for your loss
    Your poem was really beautiful


  22. This is such a beautiful poem Nikki. Your Mother-in-Law was obviously a wonderful woman. I had tears in my eyes reading your heartfelt words. Big hugs x

  23. Sorry for your loss Nikki, such a beautiful poem it came from the heart Chris xx

  24. So sorry for your loss - such a beautiful poem.

    Joan x

  25. Aw so sorry for your loss Nikki, and what a beautiful poem, you obviously have a very strong bond with your Mother-in-Law, if it's any comfort to you and your family, at least you know she will be happily sitting with her son, now.... Hug's and love to you and your family Nikki... xxx

  26. Such a beautiful poem from a beautiful person.

    I know you and Kris have been through soooo much this past few years, but I hope you have the strength to keep going, and make David and Nan proud of you - which I am totally sure they are.

    You're a wonderful person, a wonderful friend, and I wish you all the best.

    Make sure we catch up soon eh bud?!

  27. Aww Nikki a lovely poem for someone so loved, best wishes, Elaine-xxx-

  28. Thank you to you all for taking the time to read my poem and comment.
    I really do appreciate all of you - thank you for your support through what has been a very difficult time xxx


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