Sunday, 8 July 2012

Down came the rain........

Like everyone else we have had more than our fair share of rain over the past week or so....
I had a demo yesterday at the other side of the country so would have been up early anyway... but the roaring noise that came from outside woke me up early..... I couldn't work out what it was so went to investigate....
The burn at the side of my house had burst it's banks and the water was flowing fast and bringing trees, stones and mud down with it.
This was the site that I found (these pics where taken outside at 5am, in the pouring rain.... sorry about the quality)...

and this one of how they came to deal with it all this morning.....

On a brighter note....
Last week at work I was giving an Oreo cupcake.... made by the lovely Julie....
It was blinking yummy......

I'll be back tomorrow with some crafty projects to show you.
I had a brilliant demo yesterday at the lovely Inkspot in Hamilton... shame about the weather...
Lots to show you ....

Nikki x


  1. O wow! Hope your property faired ok Nikki! Cupcake look scrumdiddlyyumpsious! X

  2. Glad your house is safe at the moment. Hope you are all safe too! Fingers Crossed for a safer dryer time for you all. Best wishes. Glad you enjoyed your cupcake though. x

  3. Oh Goodness Nikki. Water can be so powerful and devastating, it must've been very worrying for you with all that coming so close to your home. I hope everything has settled down now.
    The cupcake is fabulous, lucky you x

  4. We live on top of a hill. If we flood then it is very serious indeed. Yummy cupcake... never had an Oreo as the advert with the little boy teasing the dog put me off :(
    Hope you keep safe x

  5. What a powerful thing the weather is and unfortunately we are powerless against it . My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered over these past few months. I'm so lucky to live in a area where we don't flood.


  6. Bet you'r glad you live up the hill! Fab looking cup cake btw!
    Dawn xx

  7. The weather has been bizarre everywhere of late it seems, hope the water has subsided and you don't have too much damage around your property. Your oreo cupcake looks delicious. xx


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