Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Owl card

This was one of the cards I made at my recent demo in Hobbycraft, Livingston.
I promised I would do a tutorial/project sheet for it, so here you are.....

This is what the card looks like at the end (I have left his tummy blank at the moment, but you could put any message that you like on it)...
Here are the step by steps for it...
 I used a standard square kraft card, Portobello Road die cuts and a couple of circle punches.
 Add double sided tape to the smaller edge of your card and close over the card.
 It should look like this.
 Score 1.5cm from the scored edge (opposite to the end you added the tape to).
 Fold up the the bottom of the card so it looks like this.
 Add the die cut of your choice - this will be the owls head.
 Roughly draw the owls body (see above for guidance) and then cut out.
 Shape his head by cutting the v shape out of the top. This is what your owl should look like now.
Add the eyes.

You can add feet or a message on his tummy to finish him off.

If you make any of these little chaps, make sure you link in a comment on this post so that I can come over and have a look.

Nikki x


  1. This is brilliant, i love it.... well done Sweetie x

  2. This is so innovative (think I swallowed the dictionary this morning). Great project.

  3. Wow! That's clever, love it xxx

  4. A very clever card, thanks for the tutorial x

  5. its so clever and cute. love your blog page, mine looks rubbish next to it
    hee hee

  6. Fabulous! Love it! There is a wee award for you on my blog :)

  7. Likey, Likey, Likey.......thanks for doing this....Im soooooooo forgetful sometimes that Im surprised I know how to get out of bed. Lol....Will try him tomorrow. :O)

  8. Fab card idea. You are very wise :) x


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